It's time to stop stressing about how you're going to get that first sale and growing your Instagram following. 


Instead, focus on growing your business around the following you already have with an intentional roadmap. Once you do that, sales and follows will naturally follow.


Stop worrying about the vanity metrics and how big (aka small) your audience size is. Stop thinking about that first sale.


Throw those thoughts away, my friend. 


Once you remove those negative blockers, you will create space for a new energy in your business filled with intention, direction, and alignment.  


You will streamline your focus and create space for intentional action that will move your business forward.


Introducing the Visibility, Community and Authority (VCA) roadmap.

Let me say this. You don't need 1000s of followers, a large email list, money for paid ads, or expensive tools and systems, to have a big business. 


I am proof of that. 


Once you focus on intentional action this is what will happen. Your target audience will stop and pay attention, you will ignite you bank account, and your audience size will grow.


Sales, followers, email lists, money to hire... That will come naturally when you focus on:


VISIBILITY: Knowing where and how to show up online so your target audience sees you, and pays attention.

COMMUNITY: Revolving your business around an engaged, loyal community.

AUTHORITY: Being seen as the go-to gal in your industry. 


You want every intentional action to focus on visibility, community and authority. Once you do this, sales and audience growth will naturally happen. 


With the VCA roadmap, you will focus on intentional action that will move the needle in your business, and you won't get caught up in the mind games associated with likes, shares and follows. 


How will the VCA roadmap help you? 

  • You will understand your ideal client on a deeper level and build genuine relationships. 
  • You will begin to show up consistently not because you need to, but because you will come from a place of authenticity, purpose, and genuine communication flow with your aligned community.
  • Your content will be a magnet that attracts and connects with your ideal client.
  • Your inbox will overflow with DMs from an audience that is inspired by you, resonates with you, wants to learn from you, and wants to buy from you.
  • You will build an offer suite that offers true transformations.

With the VCA roadmap, your audience and sales will naturally grow. 


You will want to show up for your audience, your content will connect with the heart of your ideal client, and your offers will align with what your audience truly needs. 


In this masterclass, you will learn how to incorporate the VCA roadmap into your swanky new business. 


In this masterclass, you will learn: 

  • What to focus on instead of your following count. 
  • The business foundations that will provide the support you need as you grow.
  • The action steps to take to be seen by your target audience.
  • Effective tactics to build genuine connections with your target audience.
  • The conversations to have in your DMs that will form relationships and lead to sales.
  • The journey to take your ideal client on so that you go from unknown to a go-to gal.

Who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is designed for new coaches and online service-based businesses. 


More than that, this masterclass is meant for you if: 


You know your why. Whether it's to escape the corporate 9-5, create a freedom lifestyle, change the lives of 1000s of people, do something that ignites your passion, spend time with your children, or travel, you have drive, and you are an action-taker and go-getter.


You are ready to focus on real metrics vs vanity metrics. You're not getting caught up in the mind games associated with likes, shares and follows anymore! Your mission is to ignite your bank account, and grow your client base authentically through community engagement. You believe in your idea, now it's time to execute, and be business smart.


You are ready to unlock your inner CEO. You are so ready to harness your mastery and grow a business that ignites your passion, confidence, visibility, and bank account.


You are a no-fluff execution queen. You value simple solutions and strategies, and you believe being business smart is the key to business growth and success. And, you are so ready to implement.


If you are yelling 'This is ME!' at your screen while reading this, and you are ready to focus on growing a damn big business with your small following, and not get side tracked by vanity metrics, then this masterclass is made for you, my friend!


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Hi, I'm Simran! I am a business and marketing coach based in Sydney, Australia, and I am a no-fluff girl! 


I started my business so I could escape the corporate 9 to 5 and start living a freedom lifestyle. I'd been dreaming about starting a business for over 15 years before I finally took the leap. Coming from years working as a lawyer and then a further 8 years in marketing, I thought I would know how to start an online business. Turns out I was clueless.


When I started, I started from zero. Zero clients, zero visibility, zero community, zero authority, and zero contacts.

Today, I have built an engaged community and I am proof that you don't need a large following to grow a successful business.


So, join me inside if you are ready to learn how to spend your time productively and grow a big business with a small following!


I hope to see you inside. 


Simran xx

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